May 3, 2017


ATTENTION: Olga Water Users

The Washington State Department of Health has advised that the recent change to our chlorination process has been approved.  The request for reduced water usage has been lifted; thank you for your cooperation.


Mark Mayer

President, Olga Water Users, Inc.

PO Box 44

Olga WA 98279



A boil-water advisory is now in effect for homes and businesses who are served by Olga Water Users, Inc., after a water main break on Tuesday, April  22.

The boil-water advisory is necessary due to the potential of harmful contaminants being sucked into water lines when the system lost pressure.   The Department of Health recommends that Olga customers boil any tap water they will use for drinking, brushing teeth, preparing food, making ice or washing dishes.  To disinfect the water, heat it to a brisk boil for one minute and allow it to cool before using.

The agency is working closely with the water system operator, who has repaired the main break and is refilling the storage tank.  The operator increased chlorine levels in the system to kill any bacteria in the water, flushed the water lines, and collected water quality samples.

The boil-water advisory will remain in effect until a lab test shows the water is safe to drink.