Will there be enough capacity in the future to allow old inactive memberships to be activated?

The short answer is “Yes.”

Here are the estimates for a conservative scenario:

  • OWU now has 162 members, with 120 active with a total of 140 connections (includes counting guest houses as one).
  • At this time no new memberships are being sold.
  • On the high side we estimate 1.5 connections per member.
  • This gives a maximum total of 240 connections.
  • We are planning on (and have seen) 2.5% growth per year
  • after 20 yrs growth we expect 252 connections
  • Max build out:  271 (with more guest homes and bonus max density. May vary with GMA etc)

With our existing water right we would have:                         Average capacity per connection
= (94 acre ft  * (325,850 gal/acre ft) /(365 days/yr))/(240 members)
= 350 gal/day per connection

This is well more than  San Juan County average:
“100 gallons per day/person (average residential occupancy is 2.5, or 250 gallons/residential connection)”

The number of connections allowed will be increased in stages over time.  The initial increases will be based on analysis and minor improvements to the existing system, and eventually having capital improvements in the distant future.

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