2015 Board Minutes



NOVEMBER 19, 2015


MEETING Called to order by Mark Mayer at 5:14 p.m.

Present at Meeting: Pat Boehm, John Miller, Ted Driggers, Mark Mayer

Absent: Mary Anna Martin, family illness

The meeting was called to order by President, Mark Mayer at 5:14 PM

The Agenda was distributed and unanimously approved

Minutes of the meeting from last month were approved

Bryon Frenyea was present applying for the  position of Administrator. Bryon has read the job description, feels the job is doable and he would like to be considered as a candidate.  Bryon was reminded that as the administrator he is not a member of the board.  Noel will create a training manual and will transfer the laptop over to Bryon if hired.   The Administrator will not be required to attend Board meetings but will submit a monthly written report for review at the Board meeting.

Ted Wixom reviewed the Plant Manager Action list.

All combination locks have been changed to keys, spare keys are in the office, doors will be retrofitted for hasps.  Combination locks located at Twin maples, lids on tanks, pump house have been changed to use the same key.

The computer at the plant quit during a power outage, only used to observe the tank level; the manual tank gauge has been disconnected. Need to get it restarted.   Ted Driggers will contact someone to come in and see if they can restart the computer.

Tracer Study.   The State wants to do a tracer study on water time from plant to distribution point.  Because we our water system gets a “pipeline” credit this test is a requirement.  We use an out of the book number or method to calculate how long the water column is in contact with chlorine before it is released, this can vary with temperature, PH, etc. The current approved method may not be accurate.  The study is to see if the approved method can be validated in a “real life” setting.   Board members are concerned about what they putting in the water to perform the tracer study?  There was significant discussion on our response; at this time we are over 30 days in arrears for responding but we are waiting to find out what substance will be used in the test.  There are three response options, options 1 and 2 involve hiring it done, Option 3 is Department  of Health to perform the test  for free.  Once the Department of Health identifies the substance used in the tracer study the Board will decide which option to take.   The implication is after the study is completed we will no longer get 100% pipeline credit (for the contact chamber) which would result in an increase in the amount of chlorine added to the water.  It is only the chlorine level at the discharge of the tank that is measured.


Financial report – Once the new bookkeeper is hired the current financial process will change.  Data will no longer be sent to the Administrator but sent directly to Ted Driggers via Excel or Quick Books.  Ted Driggers will then forward the report to the Board.   One person has not paid fully for last year, owes $300.00, feels he can pay half in November, half in December.  There is a provision in the Bylaws to allow a member to work it off. . . .  Finance report accepted

Sara Coffelt was interviewed by the Board as a new bookkeeper.  Sara recommends there be a flash drive back up of all transactions for the board and to obtain a current copy if there is not one currently.  The Board explained the bookkeeping transition should be as soon as possible, hopefully in early December.  As we are approaching year end it may not be possible but all agree sooner is best.


San Juan County Assessor

There is a request for information from the San Juan County Assessor regarding availability of Olga Water User’s memberships; Ted Driggers, has created a partial response. (Mr. Mullins was told we don’t have any memberships available but then one was given to the Gayle property.  The Gayle property had an inactive membership.)  New administrator needs to sort out if we do or do not have available memberships.   No response at this time, Mark Mayer will send a note we are working on it.

Old business


Quotes were received; $11,000.00 from Island Fencing ,   Griffin Yard Works $6,000.  The bid from Island Fencing uses new material; Griffin Yard Works will use materials from Jeff Rodenberger.   Mark Mayer moves that we award the contract to Griffin Yard Works; John Miller seconded.  Against is Pat Boehm, his reason is he believes we don’t need to fence.   Motion passed.

Collating Email and Phone Information.  

The task of collating new email and phone information will be given to the new Administrator to perform.

Twin Maples Easements

The easements for Twin Maples are almost completed, once complete Mark will send out.



Computer and software Issues

Computer and software issues have been resolved, data will need to be transferred from Noel to new people, and the laptop is working fine.

Tax Lawyer

Nothing new

Opalco trench from Pat

Mr. Boehm is not in touch with OPALCO on the price or when it will be dug. Ted Driggers says it is not necessary to spend the money on it.


Nothing new, we have not been contacted by Doe Bay, still pending

Service Lines Resolution-

Mark emailed a revised Service Lines Resolution,

Ted has comments, page2, 6th paragraph down,  OW service area. . . it is redundant  – it was decided to leave it as.

Change the date when it is decided. When changes are made it will be sent in PDF form.

Ownership, Page 2, initial meter is the responsibility of customer and replacements covered by OWU.   Add “at owner’s expense” .   Mark to rewrite and resend to board members

Ted Driggers distributed financial files on drive



Pat Boehm nominated Bryon Frenyea to replace Noel as Administrator;  Ted Driggers seconded the motion; the motion was approved by the Board. .  Pay will remain the same.  Noel will work with Bryon starting the first of December, both Bryon and Noel will be paid through the end of the year.

Mark Mayer nominated Sara Coffelt as Bookkeeper, Pat Boehm seconded the motion, and the motion was approved by the Board. Ted Driggers will work on getting data from old bookkeeper.

Next meeting to be held   Thursday, December 16th at the Sand Dollar


Motion to adjourn 7:07 p.m.