SEPTEMBER 13, 2016



The meeting was called to order at 5:01 p.m. by President Mark Mayer

Board Members Present: Mark Mayer, Ted Driggers, MA Martin, John H. Miller

Board Members Absent: Pat Boehm

Other Attendees: Sharon Rodenberger, Scribe



Maps have been checked, Geo numbers will be installed once we are done with the maps; the Board will review the maps prior to the maps going to the engineers.

Mr. Wixom reviewed the feasibility of using the lower tank and found it is workable if we can tolerate a loss of PSI on Cemetery Road. An engineer would have to create a design for using the smaller tank as the system tank.  The water would enter the large tank and then move to the smaller tank and as it is lower than the large tank this would reduce the pressure to Cemetery Road.  An electric pump could augment the PSI to members on Cemetery Road; there was an electric pump for that area in the past and the frame still exists.

The Washington State Tracer Study will start soon; the engineers that perform the study will not need to get into the tank. We want them to test what is in the pipe, not what is in the spiral pipe.

Mr. Wixom brought the sand study from all providers for the Board. The accumulated dirt load examples provided show that our old sand is probably pretty clean; we do need strict and rigorous testing of the sand.  Removing the top portion of the sand in the tank and replacing it may be a valid option.  The sand sucking truck (vacuum excavator) can remove all or some of the sand.  If the engineer is careful with specs and procedures and the cleanliness of the sand mix is married then we should not have many problems.  It is approximately $100,000. For the engineer, sand vacuuming and cure time.  There is a three month cure time once the sand is replaced.  It may be possible to inoculate the sand deck to reduce cure time.

Mr. Wixom says the Jones/Stone leak should be finalized. There is a one inch line to Jones and a one inch line to Stone, at the outlet of the tee to Stone there was a failed connector.  Photos were taken at the site by Mike Lawless and Island Excavators.  It was noted that the Jones meter came first and then the Stone meter came about 6 – 7 years ago.  The meter readers indicated that the Jones meter suddenly appeared; it is not known who installed the Jones meter as the local construction companies do not install meters on their own.  Going forward there must be paperwork before meter installation; Guardian meters are the only acceptable meter and a verbiage change needs to be made to the Bylaws.


No additions or corrections were made to the Board meeting minutes for August 9, 2016. Motion to approve was made by Mark Mayer, seconded by John H. Miller and unanimously approved.


Summary was provided by Mr. Driggers, the Department of Revenue sent us a bill of $8,793.00 for Fire Patrol; Mr. Frenyea will explain the paperwork on property taxes at the next meeting.

We collected $9192.00 in assessments and it should be $16,000.00; Transfer fees show $25.00 and that data currently says $7,650. It appears the money has been assigned to the wrong line.

A motion to accept the financial report was made by John H. Miller, seconded by Mark Mayer and unanimously approved.


Twin Maples                B. Frenyea

Sand Filter                   P. Boehm

Maps are being worked on and will be reviewed by the Board

Tax Lawyer update     B. Frenyea

Document consolidation at the plant site is going slow.

Website                       The email issue has been fixed.  The contact form needs to be updated as it is difficult to work with.  A PDF version of the ByLaws needs to be put on the website with addendums in chronological order

Washington Water      The Rate Sheet is to be reviewed by all members.  Mr. Driggers noted that billing can be kept with the board as well as meter reading.  Review lines, 31, 32, 33 and 42.  Mr. Mayer to review items and will speak with Washington Water about the base rate.


The OWU computer used by Noel Jeffries was given to us but we have lost data; Mr. Jeffries had offline back up, it was not transferred to the laptop. We do have parcel/meter data.


A motion to adjourn was made at 6:29 p.m. by Mark Mayer; second by John H. Miller and unanimously approved.

Next meeting will be Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. at the Sand Dollar Inn.