2017 Board Minutes



JANUARY 12, 2017

57 Twin Maples Lane, Olga, Washington 98279


The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by President Mark Mayer

Board Members present: Mark Mayer, John H. Miller, Ted Driggers, MA Martin, Pat Boehm

Other Attendees: Bryon Frenyea, Administrator; S. Rodenberger, Scribe



The Plant Operator, Mr. Wixom was not present; there was no report.


Tax situation is progressing, we have received $56,000 so far this year


Minutes of the December meeting were approved with changes. Motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting with changes by Mark Mayer, second by John H. Miller, unanimous approval by Board members.


Mr. Driggers reports we finished the year at 86% of actual versus budget; surplus to be left in the operating budget. Motion to approve the financial report made by Mark Mayer, second by MA Martin, unanimous approval by Board members.


No response from Davies; we do have the receipt from the certified letter notifying Davies.

Nothing new on the sand filters

List of Memberships – Mr. Frenyea and Mr. Driggers have reviewed the current membership listing for formatting, a summary needs to be added. We need  the number of active memberships, number of inactive memberships and ERUs.  The “corp stop” is the only memberships we want to count.  We find  123 active memberships, 31 inactive memberships and 6 exempt memberships.  The State of Washington allows 165 memberships.  In the past the OWU Board used an Excel spreadsheet to monitor memberships, we have since moved to an Access database.  The Access database needs review and the “master data” needs to be identified along with the relationships and data field requirements.  Mr. Driggers will review the 2013 Excel program to see if it is an answer to our questions and will allow us to build a relational database.

OWU Website – The OWU By-Laws need to be reformatted on the website. The Fee and Rate Schedule should be on a separate page or at the end of the By-Laws not at the beginning.

The Conditions of Service need to be posted to the website after being adopted by the Board.

The Stone / Jones bill has not been sent; Mr. Frenyea will be doing that.

OWU By-Laws / Tax Filing status.   We will need to write a By-Law change to be presented at the annual meeting for our tax filing status.  Mr. Frenyea will contact Mr. Noesen for correct wording.

WAWA – Attorney Mr. Alexander has reviewed the WAWA sample “Satellite System Group A Management Agreement – Items Included / Excluded” and his recommendation is to strike clause 13.5 as questionable. Next step is to invite WAWA to sit in front of the board.  A suggestion was made to work with Eastsound Water as well as Doe Bay Water to form a consortium.   Mr. Frenyea to investigate the possibility of a consortium and get additional information for the Board.

Conditions of Service

Mr. Driggers suggests consistent language all the way through regarding “agents and employee / agents.

Definitions should include premises and single tax parcel.

Add “as defined by the Department of Health, State of Washington” under quality for approved cross contamination.

Page 4 note that there are restrictions on memberships do to the limitation placed on our system by the DOH, SOW.    Also, changes premise to include ERU

Add Equivalent Residential Unit  (ERU) to definitions

Under prohibitions there is no mention of the big and small water tank, need to ensure “all items on the property” are noted.

Page 5  review plat versus plot

Page 8 – Meter installation some of the language regarding line size and meter needs to be discussed with Mr. Wixom.  A question was raised about “spacer pipes” – Mr. Wixom to answer

Page 10  We need to add “new construction” or “repair” for requirements.

Page 11 – under Payment for Services add “will be prorated”


Customer Sell has not been able to pay the remainder of his water debt from last year due to illness. Mark Mayer made a motion to forgive this debt, second by John Miller, motion passed unanimously.

OWU Board Meeting location – The meeting of the OWU Board will be moved to the Olga Community Club House, Mark Mayer to contact Steve Emmes to set up a schedule.

Mr. Driggers suggested that we reinstate the “Secretary” for the OWU Board, Mr. Frenyea has offered to take on scribe duties but doesn’t feel comfortable with the web site. At this point the OWU Board went into Executive Session.


OWU Board Meeting was adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

Next meeting to be held at the Olga Community Club on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.