NOVEMBER 21, 2017



The meeting was called to order by President Mark Mayer at 5:05 p.m.

Board Members Present: JH Miller, Pat Boehm, Ted Driggers, Mark Mayer, MA Martin

Others Present: Ted Wixom, Plant Operator; S. Rodenberger, Scribe



Mr. Wixom has not gotten the maps back from Mr. Frenyea.

ERUs – We need input from Eastsound regarding ERUs and multiple ERUs on the same membership. Mr. Wixom offers that same information from Doe Bay.

Leak at the Plant – We need an excavator to dig out the corner of the building and then chase the water. We need the clear well sealed.  Question was asked if we can put food dye in the water to see where it is leaking.  Water drains to the footer drains and then out to daylight.  If the leak is in the middle clear well, the pumps would have to be removed.  A suggestion was made to do the two outside external wells first.   Mr. Wixom will come up with a plan with Mr. Lawless for the testing.

Other Leaks – John Kent leak is in the area of a water line that goes to a neighbor; the neighbor states he has dug the soft ground a couple of times. Mr. Lawless inspected and does not detect any chlorine in the leak water.  Orcas Ex will be called out to work on the Kent driveway.  Mr. Kent asks that the wet spot be addressed since it is in his driveway.  Mr. Wixom suggests we step back from this issue as it appears to be a spring and of no concern of Olga Water.  If Orcas Ex discovers a leak in a line then we can address the issue.  Mr. Lawless will stay in communication with Orcas Ex.

Chlorine readings – Mr. Lawless also takes water samples from various other spots, the post office, the Artworks and the east sample station.

Sanitary Survey – Will happen at the plant on Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.. Steve Deems will conduct the survey and all available board members should attend.

Sand Filters – Mr. Boehm says we have to do a test of the Doe Bay sand, a sieve test before we clean the sand and again after we clean the sand. If we install a plan of remove the sand, clean the sand, then replace the sand then we won’t need a large stock pile of sand.  The suggested process will not work; we need to take the sand out, put in cleaned Doe Bay sand and then our sand back on top.  Mr. Boehm got a letter from the engineer explaining the process for sanding the filter, he will discuss it with the board and then reconnect with the engineer for clarification.  Mr. Driggers notes that page 5 says “if you can’t find Lone Star sand then you need to test for 12 months.”  With our existing filters we scrape and dispose, recreating that microbe layer takes time.  If you set aside buckets of the microbial layer for inoculating the new sand it helps.  Twenty gallons of dirty (microbial) sand will be adequate for inoculation.  We need to make sure the engineer signs off on the process.   There was a discussion about raw water turbidity, raw water is at .5 after the sand filter and the requirement is .1 for slow sand filter systems and .3 for fast sand filter systems.  It was suggested we find out the standard for a new plant, is it turbidity or biological.  Mr. Wixom suggests we take 2 inches of sand, put it in a cement truck, clean the sand and then test the sand.  Sea Islands will provide a clean concrete truck at “less than $1,000/day”.  Mr. Boehm will clarify the actual costs with Sea Islands.  Doe Bay sand and Arlington sand are acceptable to the engineer.  Mr. Boehm will speak with the engineer for the best processes.  Mr. Wixom will create a remove, clean and reinstall process on an ongoing basis.  Mr. Boehm and Mr. Wixom will document the process they have followed to date.

Olga Park Lane – Who is to be billed for the Olga Park Lane leak, the two-inch line is a common service line. Mr. Wixom to investigate and report at the next meeting


Maps – We have 8 – 10 sites left to investigate.

Davies – We have received the “as built” information

Email – We have added additional members to the current email list

Plant Maintenance – Mr. Frenyea has the insurance policy and the contact person for the Student Plant Maintenance.


Changes were noted and made. Motion to accept the minutes as amended by MA Martin, second by J Miller; motion passed unanimously.


Mr Driggers suggests we make work on the swamp a priority. Much of the work we have been doing does impact the swamp but we need to formalize the information.  Mr Mayer will make this a priority after the first of the year.

Line 5083 that Mr. Driggers could not resolve was solved by Mr. Noessen, this was a journal entry for a 2014 expense with a check made in 2015. A journal entry was made in 2017 to rectify the issues.

Mr. Driggers notes the P & L for October notes nothing out of the ordinary. Net income is negative for October but our total year to date is still in the black and we are running at 91%.


Sand Filters – We agree on what we have done thus far with the sand filter restoration project. Mr Mayer asks Mr. Boehm to get a written estimate on a per day charge for a cement truck to clean the sand from Doe Bay (when they are ready).

IF Doe Bay is willing to sell us their sand, and

IF the Doe Bay Engineer says Doe Bay does not need the sand, and

IF Sea Islands provides a quote of $1000.00/day (or less) for a cleaning truck, and

IF this is all accomplished when Doe Bay removes a layer sand for scheduled maintenance cleaning, then:

Mr. Boehm will have a sieve test done and sent to the engineer for approval.

Succession Plan – Mr. Walker has not been contacted.

CD’s – We have the original Articles of Incorporation for WAFED to issue the CDs. Mr. Driggers has had limited conversation with EverBank.

Plant Maintenance/Community Service – Orcas Island High School has approved Olga Water Users plant maintenance as a community service project; a list of projects to be completed needs to be created. Work will not begin until the weather gets better.


ERU Policy – We need to create an ERU policy. First we must define an ERU and determine how that meets the state definition for ERU.  More information is needed from Mr. Wixom.

Membership Transfer Policy – Mr. Mayer to follow up.

Safe Deposit Box Key – the key is missing, we need to find out the process from Islander’s Bank for a replacement. Mr. Mayer will speak with Islander’s Bank.

Generator Maintenance – We need to have a process for maintaining the new generator. Mr. Lawless has the information on what service is needed.  Mr. Boehm will c heck with Matt Katchadorian, Island Mechanic and request a quote for annual maintenance.

Mr. Sofaer requests his old Olga Water Users cad drawings back; Mr. Driggers has a copy on line.

Mr. Driggers states the December 1st meter reading data is ready.  Mr. Driggers has been working on an Access database that allows him to print bills. Mr. Frenyea will send out the bills.

Motion to adjourn made by Pat Boehm, second by MA Martin, motion to adjourn passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 7:24 p.m.


Next meeting will be December 12, 2017 at the Olga Community club at 5:00 p.m.

The Board retired to an Executive Session