February, 2017



FEBRUARY15, 2017




The meeting was called to order by President Mark Mayer at 5:01 p.m.

Board Members Present: Mark Mayer, MA Martin, John H Miller, Pat Boehm, Ted Driggers

Others Present: Bryon Frenyea, Administrator; S Rodenberger, Scribe; Steve Emmes, member


The Tracer Study has been done. Neither the Department of Health nor the Engineer stated why we are doing the tracer study (how water flows through the pipe/ how we treat water), once chlorine and water mix it takes time in contact before water is safe.  When water is flowed through a pipe it is given 100% of pipeline volume.  We must prove the water has been in contact with a sufficient amount of chlorine to be safe.  To achieve the maximum amount of contact our engineers created seven corrugated spirals within the tank. For a 7400 gallon volume and a 120 gallon/minute with seven spirals the contact should be adequate.  The tracer study says no potassium chloride was measured; this indicates a problem with the system.  Mr. Wixom recommends divers inspect the tank (this was done a few years ago, Mr. Frenyea to locate previous dive DVD).  We will need a map of the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe;  all couplings need to be examined.

Mr. Wixom sent a plan for re-sanding the tanks. First step is to contact an engineer.

Mr. Wixom and Mr. Boehm will meet at the plant to discus use of the small tank.

Mr. Frenyea produced information from the mail box and requested Mr. Wixom’s input; Mr. Wixom will review and advise.

Mr. Wixom and Mr. Lawless are to meet with Paul to review all questions about the maps. Mr. Driggers asks that they be sure that GEO numbers are added to the maps.


Dues received to date $90,593.00; Dues still owing $27,080.

The State Corporations and Charities Division requested we re-file of our annual update including the physical location of the plant, not the PO Box.

Received a $114.75 refund from Washington Department of Revenue; a small business credit.

Membership lists are being reviewed, Mr. Frenyea and Mr. Driggers will send the lists out electronically.

Once the “Conditions of Service” is approved and posted to the OWU website the Twin Maples easement will be revisited.

The Stone/Jones leak bill has not been mailed awaiting discussion and clarification.

Mr. Noesen will file OWU tax status as 1120H.

Mr. Frenyea, Mr.Noesen and Mr. Dirggers will discuss the integration of the OWU database, reporting and Quickbooks. MA Martin asked that Equivalent Residential Units (ERU) be added to the database.

Mr.Frenyea offered to help with the OWU website.


The Minutes were approved with changes; motion to approve by MA Martin, second by Ted Driggers, motion approved unanimously


Motion to approve the financial report by Pat Boehm, second by MA Martin, motion approved unanimously


OWU ByLaws are on the OWU website, Fee and Rate Schedule is in a separate location.

No further news from WAWA. Discussion about Cold Springs’ ability to operate for OWU;  Mr. Boehm to contact “Buddy” at Cold Springs and get information/contract pricing.  Mr. Jess Nealy to be contacted to see if he has any interest in plant operation duties.


Documents need specific wording on the policy that OWU is only responsible to the “Corp Stop”. The meter is not the Corp Stop; the meter where you get your reading is not the Corp Stop.  All shared lines need clarification, landscaping that encroaches on the main needs to be added.  We need to add/clarify ownership for multiple lines and information on other water sources.  Mr. Mayer to make revisions to the Service Lines Policy and resend for review and  publication on the OWU website.


Discussion was held on the Administrator position, is it a contractor or an employee position? It was determined that Mr. Frenyea, Administrator, will remain an employee of OWU


The next board meeting will be held on March 8th at 6:00 p.m. at the Olga Community Club.

Motion to adjourn was made by MA Martin; second by John H Miller, motion approved unanimously.