OCTOBER 10, 2017


The meeting was called to order by President Mark Mayer at 5:00 p.m.

Board Members present: Pat Boehm, Ted Driggers, MA Martin, Mark Mayer, John H Miller,

Others Present: S Rodenberger, Scribe, B Frenyea, Administrator


Email list, is growing, we now have more than 100 emails for members; Mr. Frenyea will speak

with Mrs. Densmore to see if we can find more.

Transfer fee is set at $25.00 do we want to increase that price? Discussion to follow

Mr. Driggers found the correct schematic for the maps and we have added it to the list of

updates for Plant Operator Wixom.

A question was raised why we send bacteria samples to Edge as priority mail; it was determined

that because the material is bacterial matter it needs to be sent priority mail.

We will add OPALCO and Century Link to auto bill pay.

A question rose on the Olga Park Lane repair, who will be billed? And was this a failure of our

main or is it a multiple service line? We need input from Mr. Wixom before a decision can be



Changes were noted, motion to approve the Minutes of the September 12th Board Meeting

minutes made by MA Martin, second by Pat Boehm, motion passed unanimously. Corrected

Minutes of the September 12th Board Meeting to be posted to the OWU website.


It was noted that board members are having trouble printing the financial report. We are down

to 92% of budget, with the larger checks for this month, we may be over 100% of budget. There

was a question on a negative number on lines 5083 and 5900. Mr. Driggers says these are

credits and will investigate. Motion to accept the financial report made by John H Miller,

second by MA Martin, motion approved unanimously.

Mr. Driggers reports that Accountant, Mr. Noessen voided two payroll tax checks, these were

checks for the IRS but never sent. Also the expense for the generator was posted to 2014 and



Twin Maples – Mr. Mayer will send the “as built” information to Mr. Frenyea; Mr. Frenyea will

send this on to Mr. Davies.

Sand Filters – Our engineer will be back for a short time, he will confer on the sand sieve test

from Doe Bay and let Mr. Boehm know. There is still a concern about cleaning the sand. We

explained the process to the engineer and he likes the process but questions how we prove it is

clean. We need to contact the Department of Health to get an approved process for cleaning

sand and then get the engineer’s approval. Mr. Boehm will work with Mr. Rocky Arnt for the

cleaning process. Mr. Wixom will put together a cleaning process for the Board for the next

meeting with an explanation. The Doe Bay sand was pre-cleaned.

Maps – Mr. Frenyea needs to walk the system to confirm the changes Paul sent. Once we

confirm the changes along with the list of questions we have on the maps we may have Paul

make the updates. This process may include information and location of multiple service lines

to be sent to members for guard meter installation.

Leak Detection Plan – We will start with the multiple service lines and install guard meters and

then check the readings. We will compare the guard meter reading to a compilation of

customers beyond the guard meters. Mr. Driggers will modify his spread sheet to reflect

multiple service line configurations as well as customer meter readings.

Mr. Mayer has not contacted Tom Walker

CDs – The Board had a follow up discussion on purchasing “ladder” CD’s; when to purchase

them; how to make sure we have operating money for normal business as well as updating the

sand filters; what bank(s) to use. Key Bank was eliminated as their rates were too low. Mr.

Noessen suggests Ever Bank for their rates; investigation found that Washington Federal is

equivalent to Ever Bank and they are local. The Board decided to purchase CD’s in the ladder

system. MA Martin made a motion to put $100,000 into CD’s at Washington Federal; $100,000

into CD’s at Ever Bank and keep $50,000 as operating capital until we collect membership fees.

Once membership fees are collected the Board may opt to put $50,000 into CD’s at Washington

Federal. The motion was seconded by John H Miller, motion approved unanimously. Mr.

Driggers is to withdraw the money and start the process.

Plant – Val Miller at Orcas Island High School Student Advisory board is our contact for the yard

maintenance and plant painting project and will enlist kids. Avery has been in touch with Mr.

Mayer for a schedule. MA Martin to contact Val to ensure the kids are covered by school

insurance. The pedestrian gate at the plant should be chained and padlocked; Mr. Mayer will

speak with Mr. Wixom to make sure that is done. Mr. Frenyea will speak with our insurance

company for liability.

Washington Water – Tabled


Equivalent Residential Units – John H Miller notes we need to identify customers that have

more than one building on their membership. OWU Bard is accountable for the ERU system,

the membership allows one ERU per membership. It was noted that Eastsound Water Users

allowed a second membership at half-price if there are more than one ERU on the property/

membership. ERU is defined by the State and perhaps we need to apply for more

memberships. The Board determined we need more information from Eastsound Water Users

on how they handled these situations and we need information from Mr. Wixom. This was

tabled for more information.

Leak at the Plant – There is a leak at the plant reported by Tim Segualt while clearing the

property. We need to dig along the side of the plant to see if the clear tank is leaking. Do we

add a dye to the tank and see if we can identify which tank is leaking? Do we put in a culvert?

Issue was tabled for information from Mr. Wixom

EJ Young Road Leak – Tabled for Mr. Wixom input

Chlorine Readings – We need a list of who does the reading on which days. Mr. Lawless

should have that information as he supplies the reagent for chlorine.

Maintenance and Operation of Multiple Service Lines – A Multiple Service Line must be

maintained and operated by the owners. The proposed form is to be sent to members that are

on MSL for discussion and returned to the Board for documentation and then sent on to the

County for recording. We need to get the paperwork solidified as properties are being sold and

the new owner needs to know when they are on a MSL. There was discussion on the

terminology, “maintenance and operation” or “ownership and responsibility”. It was noted that

this may be worded in “legalese” to satisfy lawyers and the State of Washington and the cover

letter must explain the process. Motion was made by Mr. Driggers to adopt this form as is,

second by John H Miller, motion passed with Mr. Boehm opposed.

Membership Transfer Policy – A suggestion was made to create a definition of terms for Olga

Water Users, Inc. There was discussion on the wording for the document; Mr Mayer to make

changes/suggestions and send it to the Board. Mr. Frenyea suggests he work with the local

Title companies for wording.

Next meeting will be November 14th at 5:00 p.m. at the Olga Community Club

Motion to adjourn was made by Mr. Boehm; second by MA Martin, adjournment at 6:51 p.m.