OWU Board Meeting Minutes, September 12, 2017


The meeting was called to order by President Mark Mayer at 5:00 p.m.

Board Members present: Pat Boehm, Ted Driggers, Mark Mayer, John H Miller, MA Martin

Others Present: S Rodenberger, scribe; T Wixom, Plant Operator



Mr. Wixom reports that Doe Bay Water Users loaded their filters with clean sand this date.

Mr. Wixom spoke to an engineer from Oregon that attended the sand filter process and finds Mr. Barry Buchanan is an excellent source of information for slow sand filters. Mr. Buchanan is offering to review our master plan and be a consultant advisor.  Mr. Mayer will provide a copy of our master plan for scanning and emailing to Mr. Wixom.

The leak on EJ Young road is being reviewed. Mr. Lawless reports it is in a line with a corp stop, meter and blow off valve.  Mr. Lawless has identified the area that will need excavation as white paint designation is now required for site identification.

Mr. Wixom will invite the Olga Water Users Board to review Doe Bay’s sand filters later this fall. Mr. Wixom complimented Island Excavating on their precision work and attention to detail while replacing the sand.

Board members had an extensive discussion on storing sand versus buying sand when needed and the amount of sand needed for the sand filters. Minimum sand depth allowed is 24 inches, we currently have 27 inches and the maximum is 36 inches.

  • Do we use the sand removed by Doe Bay?
  • If we use the sand do we clean it locally?
  • Do we get new sand from Arlington and have it delivered?

Any sand we get will need to be cleaned before it is put in the sand filters. Mr. Boehm will have the Doe Bay sand run through a sieve test.  Mr. Wixom will confirm with Doe Bay Water Board that they are willing to provide the sand.  If the Doe Bay sand is approved by the engineer then we take the Doe Bay sand.  If Doe Bay sand is not approved then we purchase sand from the Arlington quarry.



Twin Maples – Mr. Davies met with Mr. Frenyea and indicated he had received all letters from the Olga Water Users Board and that they will grant an easement. Mr. Davies indicates he wrote back twice, requesting a map that indicates the easement.  Mr. Frenyea will provide a map when he returns to town.  The Board needs to mark the easement on a map from the road to the pump house location.

David Sofaer requested a change in the status of his membership that is located “at the barn” from active to inactive. The Board will have the meter pulled, put a lock on it and cap it.

Conservation charts were mailed to all Olga Water Users members.

Item for the next annual meeting – Raise the meter install fee. Mr. Wixom will be contacted for an analysis of neighboring water board for install fee information


No issues were identified with the minutes from August 1, 2017. Motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting made by John H miller, second by MA Martin, motion passes unanimously.


Both August and July financial reports were reviewed; July report included a $10,000 charge for clearing land at the plant and in August a bill from the IRS for $2,700 was paid. Mr. Noessen is working with the IRS to reduce our liability.   Motion to approve the July financial report was made by John H Miller, second by Pat Boehm, motion passes unanimously.  Motion to approve the August financial report made by MA Martin, second by John H Miller, motion passes unanimously.


Maps – Mr. Frenyea, Mr.Driggers, Mr. Boehm, Mr. Wixom and Mr. Heath met regarding maps. Paul Gillette has identified most meters and we estimate an error ratio of 10%.  Mr. Gillette will send charts to Mr. Frenyea for error resolution.

Leak Detection Plan – First step is to identify the biggest multiple service lines. Mr. Frenyea will check with Orcas Excavation to see if they have any “as built” information; further investigation to follow.


Mr. Frenyea provided information regarding financial information on short term CDs from Mr. Noessen. Mr. Noessen suggests we get some CDs through Ever Bank.  Mr. Driggers indicates that CitiBank has a “ladder-system” calculator on their website that we might use.  Mr. Driggers will review the information from Ever Bank and provide a recommendation at the next meeting.

MA Martin will speak to the local high school Community Service group and offer grounds maintenance and painting of the treatment plant building as an on going student project.

Mr. Driggers moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:38 p.m.; second by John H Miller, motion passes unanimously.

October 10th will be the next meeting of the Olga Water Board; 5:00 p.m. at the Olga Community Club.