April 7, 2017


ATTENTION: Olga Water Users.


SUBJECT: IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. Water system chlorination and reduced water flow


The Washington State Department of Health recently commissioned a study to determine how chlorinated water flows though pipelines for the purpose of better understanding the disinfection process of drinking water. Olga was one of the 35 or so plants selected for study across the state.  During this study, an observation by the engineering firm raised the possibility that the disinfection contact piping within the Olga storage tank might have become separated with the effect of shortening the necessary contact time between chlorine and the filtered water. If this is actually the case then water that is insufficiently disinfected might be sent into the system.


In order to compensate for this possibility, filtered water flow rates from the treatment plant have been reduced and chlorination levels have been increased. In the meantime an acceptable solution to this problem is being worked out. Olga and the Department of Health are currently working on a solution. We have contracted with a firm that specializes in potable water tank repairs and investigations in order to implement the solution.


In the meantime we are asking all members to restrict water usage to the minimum amount required for drinking and sanitation. Water that we supply to you is currently considered safe. However, the reduced flow now in place at the treatment plant is less than historic system demands. If demand continues to outstrip production than we will eventually run out of reserves. If water that is insufficiently disinfected is allowed into the system the water system will have no choice but to issue a boil-water advisory. This means that drinking water will have to be boiled or otherwise treated to make it safe to ingest. So, please understand that the system does not have sufficient water for irrigation or car washing. Take shorter showers, put off laundry, double up on flushing and don’t leave water running for any reason.


We hope this step will not have to be taken. In the meantime you should know that the water we are currently supplying is considered safe and we are working on a rapid solution. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. For updates, please go to our website at http://olgawater.com .



Mark Mayer

President, Olga Water Users, Inc.

PO Box 44

Olga WA 98279